Automate Your Law Firm with Rocket Matter

It’s no secret that automation can help lawyers run a more efficient practice. In fact, 23% of a lawyer’s job can be automated with existing technology! Automation can also provide your firm a competitive advantage because it allows you to focus more on client service and boosting profits rather than repetitive tasks.

In this webinar, we’ll talk about common law firm tasks that could benefit from automation. We’ll also highlight the Rocket Matter features and existing technology that will help you accomplish this.

Learning Objectives:

  • Turn your document database into a form library that’s ready for document generation.
  • Automate your checklists and workflows with matter templates.
  • Leverage Rocket Project Management to further automate your workflows and spot bottlenecks early.
  • Streamline your billing with email invoice sharing and electronic payment tools.
  • See how calendaring and timekeeping integrations can take your automation to the next level.

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