The Lean Law Firm Close-Up: Eliminating Waste and Bottlenecks

Want to know the simplest way to transform your firm into a revenue-producing beast? The answer is deceptively simple: Borrow a concept from Lean management and reduce your waste.

Waste is a fundamental concept in Lean, the formalized set of business processes pioneered by Toyota. It is defined as anything that is not adding value to your client’s experience, either directly or indirectly. Getting rid of it reduces the time you spend on each case. And the less time you spend per case, the more cases you complete in one year and the more revenue you earn.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how Lean systems and technology can eliminate waste and turn your law firm into a high-powered revenue engine. Register today!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how waste is categorized in Lean management and how it plagues organizations.

  • Discover the relationship between waste reduction and revenue optimization.

  • Learn how to identify bottlenecks and forms of waste in your own law firm—so you can get rid of them.

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