Legal Project Management Demystified—What You Need to Know About this Powerful Tool

Law firms are late to the game when it comes to leveraging common business techniques—and that includes legal project management. In this webinar, we’ll remove all the fancy business jargon and explain legal project management in very simple terms. We’ll also demonstrate how you can manage a case with this powerful tool. Join us for an informative and entertaining webinar lead by Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter and co-author of the ABA’s #1 bestseller The Lean Law Firm.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about legal project management and how you can apply it to your law firm. 

  • Discover the many benefits of this tool. 

  • Follow an example of a matter being marshalled through a project management system.

  • Learn how you can use technology to implement legal project management in your law firm.

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