Make it Rain: The Lawyer's Guide to Getting Paid

Every month law firms struggle with how to improve their cash flow, profitability, and overall financial health. They often don’t know if they’re billing accurately for their time or if they’re collecting less than they should. Many lawyers certainly experience delays in actually receiving the payments they’re owed.

The reality is that poor time-tracking, billing, and accounts receivable practices contribute to bottlenecks in getting paid. In this webinar, we’ll look at common billing mistakes, and then we’ll discuss the best practices that will help you bring in more money than ever before!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the most common billing mistakes small law firms make and discover simple steps to fix them.

  • Discover why offering alternative fee arrangements can help you boost your bottom line.

  • Find out how better billing practices along with electronic billing can lead to increased profits.

  • Learn which common reports and analytics you should pay attention to in order to collect more each month.

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