How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2020

If there’s one thing that can improve efficiency in your office—and, in turn, your bottom line—it’s going paperless. And guess what? Transitioning to paperless doesn’t have to be painful at all.

Rocket Matter CEO, Larry Port, and Dan Hauck, CPO of NetDocs, will present a recipe for going paperless. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts as well as the must-have tools, protocols, and workflows to start and maintain a successful paperless law office.

Learning Objectives:

  • Find out the steps necessary to create a paperless environment.

  • Learn practical tips on paperless naming conventions and the ideal way to store and manage your documents.

  • Discover the best paperless tools, cloud-based solutions, and legal practice management software to support your paperless journey.

  • Understand how to manage your complete digital workspace by making it easy to store, find, and work with all kinds of content.

  • Learn how to simplify your information security and data governance issues and give your clients confidence in your practice.

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